All you need is yoga light?

It started two years ago. With a patience typical for a “convert” I reached the point where I can touch my knees with my forehead and bind my hands behind the feet. However complicated it sounds like, the truth is there – yoga life brings you light!

I will always remember the night after my first yoga class when I slept like a baby and snoring like hell – as I was told the next morning. But who cared if I felt no sores, no pain, literally I felt like an angel! So I caught the hook or rather the hook caught me…

When I look now on my “yoga carrier” I may honestly say that it is still a yoga light one. Why? Have I ever tried to bath before and right after the class? Do I do it every morning and evening? Have I read the whole “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar yet? Did I give up on the whole meat of the world? Do I even fasten those two hours before the class? Nope, nope, nope, almost, almost there… And then if you watch few videos of any yoga guru you know that it is a yoga light version of what you are practicing.

But hey, tell me, isn’t it helping your body to relax? Isn’t your lumbago or migraine gone for good, aren’t your mornings so fresh now and isn’t your mind looking at things deeper than before? I bet they are, if not, please be patient, trust me and trust your body. It will do its job. Step by step you will get closer to your knees, maybe you will do it with the top of your head, and maybe you will even turn your full body on the other side but do it steadily! Remember, it’s not a competition, therefore no one is better then the other. Everybody is working out in silence and with patience for his own good.

I keep my fingers crossed behind my feet for you! 🙂


PS.1 If you fell alone in a big/medium/small/micro city, don’t worry, you will soon talk to these funny guys net to your mat and what’s next is you will end up having drink or two oooops a tea or two at the neighbouring cafe! Voilà!

PS.2 If you live in Wroclaw, I recommend you Kuba’s classes. If you live in Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia there’s no better place than this!

Riders and their little metal ponies

We live in a world of exaggeration. We exaggerate in the architecture (remember those crazy facade colors of the 90s…), our houses in Poland with average of 139 m2 are one of the biggest in the World, we are right behind Americans and Australians. The cars on our streets are also getting  bigger and bigger so the average jogger or rider has to be more fancy and with the latest outfit style.


If you stop for a while and look around on the streets you will notice that almost every cyclist wears those fancy sporty clothes like helmet (which I understand, safety first!) but also the performance ultra shorts, elite team short sleeve jerseys with anti-sweat-anti-stretch-anti-wind&sun&rain functions etc. You can hardly recognize who’s riding – is it a girl or a boy? There are almost no jeans and skirts on the bicycles! Unlike the Dutch or Danish streets where the riders are wearing suits or dresses on the wheels and those with shorts and jerseys are left to sportsmen.

Is it a must to speed 30 and more km/hrs? Do they need to sweat each time they ride their little metal ponies? Why can’t they just simply use their bicycles for going to work or to the local shop? I wonder how many of those “sportsmen” drive their cars to and from the office and take their kids to schools and kindergartens…and then in the evening they jump on their mount for a ride…

Can you imagine that my father used to take me and my sister to the kindergarten on his bike for almost 4 years? Yes, its possible! And my grandmother still could ride her bike to church while she couldn’t walk anymore, isn’t it amazing?

Lets free our ponies from the sweat slavery, let them live their lives without hurry and competitiveness. Lets start to live with them not for them. Hereby I declare that from now on I shall not to drive that 1.5 km to my office with my 10 yrs old Peugeot 406 when its raining or windy. What I need is just one good and warm coat… 🙂