How big is The Righteous Mind?

You study – you read. You read – you learn more and eventually you can start asking reasonable questions during the lectures.
So I tried and went straight to the school library in order to borrow three books for the first time for years… and I started the same evening with…

The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt.

Revelation combined with enlightenment and discovery occurred to me while reading this one of the most important books ever published on moral psychology. Among many there is one statement I found in it and it explains you more about human collective thinking:

Every human is a master in finding evidences  to support their position in any argument and because this process is intuitive and we shouldn’t expect from individuals to think impartial or correct. However if we combine such thinking ability of many people and if they will be a community with a common goal you may expect that a correct thinking may emerge from it.

With every page of that book everything gets clearer and clearer. Typical conflicts on the political or social scene or between your friends and family receive a new light and therefore better understanding of other people beliefs, their moral spines and the moral values they follow and WHY they do it.

For example did you know that our morality has six tastes? Like our preferred food it is the same with our political or religious order – it can vary pending on the number of tastes you use, the type of moral fundamental you use. The liberals will depend more on care and justice (understood as equity) and the conservatives will value more the loyalty, authority and holiness. Now, the tricky thing is to mix and share these tastes if at all possible.

The author suggests in one of his interviews that if we want to keep the society in a peaceful equilibrium each member of both political wings must be willing to admit the right to one or more of the opponent’s views (even “opponent” is a wrong word as it should be “a member of a society with different moral views”) You can listen the interview podcast here on the Polish Radio Trójka website.

We should all follow Jonathan’s Haidt advice: Diverse wisely and listen to other human beings as everybody has its right to support the moral columns of their own choice. We are all just different sides of the same coin.

 *my own trasnslation from Polish edition of the Righteous Mind – Prawy umysł, Smak Słowa Sopot, 2014)