Alone or together. Does social network help?

This paradox of life is hitting us everyday. Should I listen myself or should I follow the rules of the society? Is there my personal benefit at stake only or shall I consider the benefit of the society I live within? This constant tension between individualism and collectivism is fundamental for our social networks, our ego and  our self-consciousness.

The cobweb of our social network, weaved throughout our life defines or characters and creates opportunities for soft landing during difficult times. More friends and family you keep contacts with the less probable is that you will end up in a deep depression and that also depends on the hardiness of the network. Still this delicate and complicated structure may be sometimes destroyed by overwhelming  life circumstances or a person which simply rips all the threads out.

How many didn’t you answer your friends phone call? How many times you forgot to replay their emails? Send Christmas cards or just drop in when passing by during another business trip? Welcomed or not that’s another story but thinking about your friends and family is just not enough. On the other hand if you don’t have any friends maybe its time to knock your neighbors door and ask him or her for a cup of coffee? Or maybe there is an old lady living nearby who literally needs some hand to do her shopping?

Think about it and don’t let the sociologist and anthropologists and other -ists to keep telling us that there is a built-in difference between inflated Ego of the Western society and its collective & socially focused Eastern counterpart. There must be a bridge between them not only over the symbolical Bosporus but also between our souls and minds.

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