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Three weddings and a hangover

This summer was full of weddings… It was such a fun that one could say that only a gay wedding was missing there this time. Unfortunately all those were not mine but these happy couples are still my close friends and to be there was a real pleasure and quite a new experience for such a wedding veteran like me. After few years break in this specialized entertainment industry I discovered that there are new fancy developments. Starting with VIDEOS! I watched it with my jaw down and eyes wide open and I thought yes, this is it! Just have a look at this example shoot in Wroclaw Thank you parents.

For those who prefer more traditional thank you you can now print a real professionally looking photo album with hundreds pictures.  There is plenty of printing services around you but just remember that prepare yourself and spend some time on editing to have an absolutely astonishing result and make sure the final product will be delivered before the wedding starts. The printing process may take longer than the time left to deliver it 🙂

An interesting variant from what I’ve seen so far were those famous speeches you have on the Danish weddings! These may take hours (fortunately during the dinner! 🙂 Speech is one of the main parts of the wedding ceremony as well as singing songs with lyrics based upon the groom and bride stories. Note that even if you don’t get a word in Danish you keep singing and laugh, its simply hilarious!

You will find such a variety of music both in Poland and Denmark and still you can dance your ass off if you like. With excellent live bands, basses, keyboards, percussion, vocalists, accordion, saxophone, acoustic guitar, piano, whatever you can think of…

When it comes to drinks I must admit that wine is taking over both in Poland and Denmark. Allthough both countries have nothing to do with wine apart from drinking it. Oh, ooops, I forgot, did you know there are  now some wineries in Poland and Denmark?? Just wait for the climate change to show its pawns! Have a look at Vineyard Cantina

Do you remember how to play wedding games? Well they always have played an important role all around the world. There is equal fun if you try to kiss the bride while the groom is out or you rip the veil off or cut the socks, or tail, or push the eggs through the grooms pants or run around the chairs or try to bribe the toast master to let you dance with the bride. All these wedding games make one good thing -bring the guests together and make real fun to all. So they did to me.

Yes, with all these videos, photo albums and games few things remain stable throughout the centuries – white dress, veil, good music, food and great fun. What else you need to help you survive this pleasant hangover next day?

A letter from the past. 25th Anniversary of Polish Freedom

This morning I was watching Barack Obama driving through the streets of Warsaw to celebrate with Polish people the 25th Anniversary of the Freedom and first free elections behind the Iron Curtain that happened on the 4th of June 1989. What was I doing that time? I was only 13 years old, finishing primary school, thinking of my future education and witnessing the Wind of Change blowing throughout the European prairies. So when I came back from work I went straight upstairs and opened my memoirs box (yep, I’m sentimental 🙂
What I’ve found was a bunch of letters I once wrote to my beloved friend, who was taken by her parents on a summer trip and to Greece and escaped from there later to Canada, right before those first elections. Her mother told her in that bus to Athens, that she would never see her friends and grandmother again…

Raciborz, 31st October 1989


Bogna, I am sorry for not replying for such a long time but it was not my fault, its just that nothing is worth to write about. October was very, very hot with temperatures up to 31 Celsius! Polish television is getting better and better, there is still no English at schools because there are few English teachers, so I went to an English course and I now need to pay 37,420 zlotys per 94 classes.

Bogna, I am so, so curious what is going on there in Canada, how is the TV, how is your city, what are your plans for the future?! So let me start about myself.
I have graduated the school year 88/89 with very good results. I am now in the 7th grade (7d), my master teacher is Mrs Piasecka and half of the class is new. They came from 6e which was another athletic class and guess what, they just don’t know anything! I didn’t go to the School of Sports eventually and I think that was the right decision.
Now I can spend my time at different classes and courses like  English, chemistry and in general I have a lot of spare time and almost not getting ill, which I am happy for.
After the primary school I would love to continue in High School, preferably in the Human Arts profile or biology-chemistry but its not decided yet whether we would stay or we would emigrate to Germany for good (we’ve got all the passports already and anyway there are only us, uncles from the 9th floor and both grandparents who stayed in Poland so maybe we will meet abroad?)

I spent my summer holidays in Zagorze Slaskie, at that hotel from Rafako, my father’s company. I wanted also to go to DDR but I was too late with my application, and there were no places left.

So as you know in Poland we have a PRESIDENT (hi hi hi) Jaruzelski and I am not sure if that’s gonna change anything for good since the ham costs ca. 30,000 zloty, the sausage from 3,000 to 40,000 zloty, one pack of matches is 25 zlotys, ice cream almost 200 zlotys, bread 1,500 zlotys, bread-rolls 150 zlotys and butter 5,000!!! Literally every day the prices go higher and higher like crazy, seriously! Before we leave Poland I don’t know whats going to happen…

Nothing has changed in Raciborz, well maybe apart from that our blocks are not from Rafako anymore, but they belong to a company that bought them from Rafako for a song … So as in our backyard and there are also changes in the city. A lot of new blocks are being constructed (even next to our school) they also build a new post office and telephone exchange building which I hope will eventually give us the long expected phone number!

On our backyard more and more people are leaving for I don’t know where and there are also new people coming so in the end you really don’t know who’s still there are who are these new people. Once upon a time everybody was saying hello or good morning but now forget about it and there’s even no smile! (well, with few exceptions maybe).

I would like to write you about the winter holidays I had in Zagorze Slaskie. So, it was super, super, really cool and very super simply the best winter holidays I have ever been to! We had a lot of excursions, discotheques, movies, great teachers and of course the people over there – a big bunch of good friends! When going back home some of them had tears in their eyes… On the very last day we had an art exhibition of all our art works and the hotel director told us that we were the most joyfull and singing group she had ever hosted at her place!

Few last words for the end with greetings from folks from the backyards and our neighbors: Asia, Ola and Madzia. Please give my best regards to your parents, your sister and your little brother.

I look forward for your letter.  Bye!


Pies w dom, radość w dom.

Niełatwo mi było podjąć decyzję. Tygodnie przekonywań, rozmów, konsultacji z rodziną, z przyjaciółmi, z psiarzami. Jak trudno namówić kogoś, kto nigdy nie miał psa! A jednak można, warto i nawet trzeba próbować! W efekcie zakończonych negocjaci wygrała opcja na maksa i tak oto od dwóch miesięcy rośnie nam w domu psiecko. Jak na drożdżach. Wiecznie głodny, a więc na dokładkę do miseczki kwiatki, trawka, patyczki, kupki i kubeczki, choć staramy się mu to wybijać z głowy. Chyba skutecznie, bo jest o niebo lepiej niż w lutym…

Ciekawa ale i zrozumiała rzecz, że wraz z Ozzim pojawił się wśród przyjaciół nowy, wielki temat rozmów i pytań, wśród których obok tego o zdrowie pojawiło się nowe: o Ozzinkę! No i w tym miejscu następuje cała lawina opowieści dumnego psiaty… Kto by pomyślał…

Pies w dom, radość w dom. Autentycznie i bez ściemy. Wraz z nim pojawiła się w domu znośna lekkość bałaganu, dosłownie uroczego! Nota bene Sznaucer spośród wielu swoich zalet ma tą jedną, że nie gubi sierści, a bałaganiąc robi to z takim wdziękiem!

Psiodzice są dumni ze swojej psiociechy!                                          Psiodzice wszystkich ras łączcie się!