Discovering Future in the Past

Have you ever felt this enlightenment, after few dozens of pages, when something you were suspecting all of a sudden becomes clear and obvious and since then you know you learned the Reason?

This amusement accompanied me throughout 600 pages of Jan Sowa’s delightful book “Fantomowe ciało króla” (Phantom King’s Body”) At first you notice a strange title but after a while you know what this phantom means, as well as who’s the King’s body. Yes, its about a murder, phantom murder to be correct, of a King in the Kingdom of Poland in the late XVIIIth century. It is a story of the Fall of once the biggest country in Europe – the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth…

It is a story about how our Middle-Eastern Europe has been self-colonized by its aristocracy and later on colonized by the neighboring states. Fascinating reading on how the Roman’s Empire legacy continue to influence entire Europe which until today is divided by the Elbe riverrun.

You also come up to the questions like: Into what will develop the capitalism? or How to release our creativity? or Is all what we have given for ever and ever?

One of the most interesting analyses is the one regarding the post-colonialism in Eastern Europe . Once you read it you become to understand more of what is going on right now in Ukraine and Crimea. Current situation of Mid-Eastern Europe countries can be easily explained from the perspective of the post-colonial discourse and thanks to its analytic methods.

If you want to know how to overcome our fate and how to position ourselves beyond the periphery of Western World? It a book for you. Challenging & recommended reading.

Read more about Jan Sowa’s book here

Ukrainian Love Story

I’ve just finished the 700 pages of The Museum of Abandoned Secrets, an Ukrainian Love Story written by Oksana Zabuzhko.

From the times of post-World War II and its Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) fighters hidden in the forests to a modern day journalist who fell in love with a descendant of those forest soldiers. You fall in love immediately with these ancient and modern heroes, you follow their fight with the Soviets, the Nazis, the Russians and even the Poles, and there is no wonder why is it so attractive – the love they share is really strong and you want to know how it will express itself after all those nights spend in the deep, winter-cold forest or when standing against the new economical regime that is taking over the Ukrainian’s country and media, kicking off the old good journalist’s army and replacing it with a young and dumb forces of undergraduates of the new-social-networked-servile-to-government media schools…
This can only bring a good understanding of what is going on in Ukraine.

I recommend this book to everyone who is at least interested in whats going on right now on Maydan in Kiev. This book will enlighten you with so many wise sentences, comparisons, descriptions and stories from the past. A must for the Europeans, A must for people who care about the Freedom.

A Silesian Mansion…

I’ve been dreaming about this Silesian Mansion House… Not once, twice, but many times.
Each time I walk these wooden stairs up to the spacious and bright ball rooms with wooden floors and big windows opening to the park behind the castle. 19th century floor is creaking delicately and when I get closer to the window and open it the fresh air comes in together with the birds tweets…

In 1989 when the State Owned Farms were liquidated the wind of change had also reached Rudnik Mansion House.
My auntie, who used to live in that house as one of the Farm’s Accountant, emigrated within few months to Germany through the opened borders with her sons and daughter. Right after the inhabitant left the apartments the Mansion was sold immediately by the Agricultural Real Estate Agency to an unknown private person and that was the beginning of the end… Later on the Mansion was sold to a Foundation which was deliberately established to rip out some mortgage money from these still in good condition buildings and that was it. Today after almost 15 years, the interiors are completely devastated with almost nothing left but bare floors and walls. The roof starts leaking as somebody started to collect the roof tiles…

The local community claims that the situation is hopeless since the Foundation is in liquidation status and there are no moves from it in order to sell the property. Anyway the local authorities somehow managed to localize two of the Foundation members of the board but just by talking to them the community has been convinced that these two people were just substitutes in order to blur the real owners of the Mansion, who most probably left the country with the money years ago…

There are only two possibilities which may help to rescue the once beautiful property, either the creditors will call for their money/property back or the Agency who sold the buildings will try to take them, but in order to do so it wants a big favor from the community and wants to sell their other ruins from the neighboring area…Real Gordian knot. Will anybody find the Gordian or is there no hope?

I had a dream…the last one of the series was that I had established a Foundation and in the next twink of an eye the Mansion was full of young people, running around and painting the walls, decorating the rooms, planting azaleas in the garden…

Believe it or not but that dream happened to me before I knew about the REAL Foundation!

The same foundation/mortgage/escape scheme happened to hundreds or even thousands of Mansion Houses across Poland.
If anybody can help the Rudnik’s Community let me know.
I promise, my dream will become real soon…

Why NYC’s concrete jungle attracts?

First of all, not only a concrete jungle but also bricks, cars, water, trees, cuisines, halal, kosher, spicy, hot, cold, higher and higher…

Planning the trip was extremely difficult to chose a place to stay, with so many options. It is a nightmare for somebody not prepared for the visiting, especially when watching the rates per night on any hotel’s booking/ranking page. Eventually I decided on Holiday Inn Express, 29th Street W, next to Penn Station, “walking distance to many attractions”. Indeed halal dinery just 2 mins down the street was a great convenience with 5 bugs per pound of delicious food.

Alone in the city but not quite feeling that surrounded by people, smiling, sad, happy, no-expression-face people but all of them talking, calling, texting, twitting, facing, etc. All of them connected, wired, wified.

As I walked down the 7th avenue, there was a splendid mixture of restaurant, each block having different set of guests, in one you could see those middle aged, in the other the youngsters, the hipsters and in quite some only silver hair couples enjoying their golden or diamond anniversaries.

Walking closer to Bethesda and the Black Angel, I just couldn’t stop singing the opening theme from Angels in America. It was close to sunset, already dark in this part of the park, the Angel figure was really black, and there were few people around, couldn’t even ask somebody to help me to take a picture of me. This atmosphere, was absolutely full of the 80’s and early 90’s cold in the gay community of NYC. Cloudy sky.

Every night the clubs were packed to maximum, no chance to get in, you could only stand outside and watch while having a cigarette or two and then leave to try another place, less crowdy… is it possible at all?

I must admit, you feel like in the movie, the rhythm of the city, its colors and smells. You see Carrie Bradshaw here, Samantha Jones over there, Woody Allen and his wives everywhere. You just feel it. What a surprise on my way back home when I touched the screen in front of me and the Francis Ha came up!

Why tricenarian couples spend the evenings at home?

Again, the weekend has arrived and nobody’s calling, nobody’s texting…

Seems like everybody’s staying home. Why? We are only thirty-something years old! OK, some of us over forty! So what is happening?

The cause can not be called a cold evening, with 15 degrees now at the end of October in Northern Poland. Weather just can’t be better!

We have started the day slowly with a late breakfast, then read some last week newspapers and after few hours of house works we left to the city for noodles at the Vietnamese bar. Later on a quick tea and cake by a friend with two teenage daughters (who played MineCraft all the time devouring the cake at the same time). Came back home for dinner and TV. So X-Factor takes over and we decide to spend the evening at home. “Call Magda and tell her we staying at home, tired…” So I did and texted her on Facebook “Sorry, we stay at home.”

Week after week, similar stories occur, if not in our house then at our friend’s. Why is this happening? Where are those times when only a shout outside the window, or even a stone crack against the window called us to the wild city night…

People living outside the city have their cars and with their cars and only one bus per 40 minutes, they decide to drive for a drink or two with their friends, so they stay at home. Why? Cause nobody wants to stay sober…Its better to stay at home that argue again who should drive back. So many decisions need to be taken, let’s play Netflix, Cineplex, whatever… It can be even youtube stuff.

Our closest friends live 10 min driving from our house, the farthest 21 hours 38 mins, which makes them obviously hard to get them here every weekend, though we meet regularly every year, during Easter time, with no exceptions for the last 15 years… With those 10 min-away-drive friends its difficult even to drop in in the middle of the evening, crack their windows with gravel and get them out of their house. We try phone calls, since sms’s don’t work anymore, but they already have plans for birthdays, unexpected family visitors or garden work throughout the weekend. How to call this terrible mechanism, laziness? decay? impossibility?

Listen to me, if you love to spend your evenings with people, in the city, with a glass of beer, wine, coffee, whatever, then never-ever move out from the city! Keep as close as possible and do not believe those messiahs of the real estate development plans for a never ending happiness, peace and tranquility and fresh air in suburbs. There you will find yourself caught in a golden cage. Especially if there is no bus or train leaving to the city center every 10 min with a bus stop only 5 mins walk from your doorsteps. Sorry to disappoint you.

Why in English, Fabio?

Question and simple answer: because the people should now about the MiddleEarth stories and its inhabitant’s dreams, memories, everyday life, happiness and sorrows.
Therefore I would like to show you how the world works today in Poland, Europe and beyond that narrow geographical mindset.

I do travel from time to time, I do listen to the people and I also tell them stories from my life, from my experience, and from my heart. English is not my mother tongue, neither is German nor Spanish, but maybe will try to write also in these last two as well.
Google translator will help me, or you are welcome also folks! 🙂