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Sex and the City vs Girls

Once upon a  time I was dying of laughing while watching every Friday night two of Sex&theCity episodes. Together with my sister who was at that time still studying  and I was spending Friday evenings with her and my beloved Foxy New York Ladies instead of having beer with my folks from my first job. Today, after thorough lecture of two books “Farewell to Growth” by Serge Latouche and “Swiat na rozdrozu” by Marcin Popkiewicz the undertone has changed. Adding to this the recent acclaimed “Girls” by Lena Dunham and you end up at least with a grim on your face.

Why? Consumerism, materialism, hedonism once in the 90’s TV series later on radiated across the whole globe, whether its South America , Africa, Asia or even Africa including the Muslim, Orthodox,  Catholic, Jewish or whatever countries. Imagine everybody lives the life of my excellent and magical 4 of Manhattan? We would need at minimum over 20 Earths in order to run such a way of life. Our only Earth is too small, there is too few resources for us all to run this horn of plenty. If you say its a fairy tale for adults I would agree, but the idea behind this great TV series is not only the sexual liberation of women, gay men or others but also the lifestyle which says: “Consume & have fun while you still alive” (you may refer to Miranda’s mother death in one of the last episodes). Please add to this picture hundreds of pairs of shoes and dresses, all-inclusive trips to the end of the World only to have a drink and buy another pair of shoes…

In this moment the “Girls” are approaching in a juxtapose to what Sex&theCity offers almost in every aspect. The idea of Latouche’s de-growth materializes here if you look at the modest second hand clothes, eco-food, eco-life, small apartments with co-tenants, bicycles, subway, buses, holidays at friend’s house. I would rather call this circumstantial since the idea of the authors was probably to show the hopelessness of youngsters life, seeking for job or money, looking for dreams that will never happen. Nevertheless if the screenwriters could expand some of its plots we could end up with a quite solid remedy for the ideology of growth.

So, watch the two, enjoy but please read Latouche or Popkiewicz and think how to keep ourselves alive. On Earth.