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Ukrainian Love Story

I’ve just finished the 700 pages of The Museum of Abandoned Secrets, an Ukrainian Love Story written by Oksana Zabuzhko.

From the times of post-World War II and its Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) fighters hidden in the forests to a modern day journalist who fell in love with a descendant of those forest soldiers. You fall in love immediately with these ancient and modern heroes, you follow their fight with the Soviets, the Nazis, the Russians and even the Poles, and there is no wonder why is it so attractive – the love they share is really strong and you want to know how it will express itself after all those nights spend in the deep, winter-cold forest or when standing against the new economical regime that is taking over the Ukrainian’s country and media, kicking off the old good journalist’s army and replacing it with a young and dumb forces of undergraduates of the new-social-networked-servile-to-government media schools…
This can only bring a good understanding of what is going on in Ukraine.

I recommend this book to everyone who is at least interested in whats going on right now on Maydan in Kiev. This book will enlighten you with so many wise sentences, comparisons, descriptions and stories from the past. A must for the Europeans, A must for people who care about the Freedom.