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Art of making choices

“Too many irons in the fire” or “to keep too many magpie’s tails” as we say in Polish. This is my challenge how to keep these tails and irons and not to loose anything precious.

If you saw a circus artist juggling then you realize how tricky the art of doing parallel things can be. For an untrained equilibrist like me it would be hardly possible to do it  with full attention and with best results. Even so I keep doing it and asking myself: Would it be writing or maybe blogging? Should I focus on yoga, studying or working? Meeting with friends vs watching top new TV series? Read the pile of unpacked books next to my bed or just the untouched magazines from the coffee table? Is it the right moment to take on publishing new writers or should I just take my dog for a beach walk? How to get it all done? How to embrace it?

There’s even this book that I’ve been writing for the last couple of years and there’s also this dream about printing books and smelling their fresh print. On top of that I’ve recently heard this call for helping people to keep the world for our future generations. I even have an idea how to melt all these irons into one but… how to push myself over the edge and let it fly?  I don’t want it to take another twenty years to ripen…

I was 8 years old and running down the stairs at my house in Raciborz with my friend Ela from the tenth floor, while her grandmother was slowly walking up, as the elevator was broken again. She stopped us, watched into my face and said quietly – Life is so, so short. Enjoy it when you still can. You won’t even notice when its gone…”

After all these years I still remember her voice and that moment on the staircase I remind myself every year and the sentence I put in front of my eyes each time I make difficult choices. So it will be this time.

Art of making choises

What if society is a tropical forest?

People can use their hands and skills in many areas starting from handicraft, arts, services, care, farming, digging in the ground to picking up mushrooms or flowers and even in soldiering…Throughout the centuries thousands of such activities had been creating diverse and dynamic societies around the globe and across civilizations.
Now imagine you take the land from the farmers and give it to intense and big farming, you force the shopkeepers to close their workshops or stalls by opening new shopping malls, you pollute the gardens and orchards with toxic emissions and you destroy the factories or move them to other countries. What happened is you just removed many bricks from a wall thus made it weaker.
Even a light finger touch can make this fragile construction to fall into pieces or in other words a single spark can ignite this haystack of anger, frustration and hopelessness.

Now lets look at a forest. We all have been thought at school that
a healthy and strong forest consists of many trees species, bushes, grass, fungus and humus. Than on the other side we have human planted forests with very few type of trees if not with one which are extremely vulnerable to pests, wind and fire. Once destroyed it takes them ages to bring back a diverse life on its place. Anyway the factor of destruction is necessary to produce a new and rich ecosystem.

In our age of high unemployment especially among young people, with numerous examples of offshoring , moving machines, production lines and whole technologies to legally unbounded countries, where the employees are paid beggarly wages do we need a kind of destruction in order to bring back the natural balance of
a society? Can one use the parallel of a tropical forest to a human being society? If you consider humans as an ecosystem, why shouldn’t we try? We are animals though, so theoretically these rules apply to human race also.

Once we assume the above we must be aware of such a turning point may occur any time. Whether in form of a revolution or mass migrations, epidemic or other natural catastrophe we must be prepared. Do anything possible to keep our society in good condition, let the people use their natural skills and talents, free the spirit of human initiative and entrepreneurship.

And it is happening right now. Look around you and help all these city movements to preserve old professions, recipes, green areas, bicycle roads, children playgrounds, public spaces available to everyone and those who create any single workplace that can use the work of human hands and create beautiful things that a society needs or can use it for its own wellbeing and protection.

Be active, thing about your skills that you can share with others.
Be a living part of the unique tropical forest that your society constitutes.