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Why NYC’s concrete jungle attracts?

First of all, not only a concrete jungle but also bricks, cars, water, trees, cuisines, halal, kosher, spicy, hot, cold, higher and higher…

Planning the trip was extremely difficult to chose a place to stay, with so many options. It is a nightmare for somebody not prepared for the visiting, especially when watching the rates per night on any hotel’s booking/ranking page. Eventually I decided on Holiday Inn Express, 29th Street W, next to Penn Station, “walking distance to many attractions”. Indeed halal dinery just 2 mins down the street was a great convenience with 5 bugs per pound of delicious food.

Alone in the city but not quite feeling that surrounded by people, smiling, sad, happy, no-expression-face people but all of them talking, calling, texting, twitting, facing, etc. All of them connected, wired, wified.

As I walked down the 7th avenue, there was a splendid mixture of restaurant, each block having different set of guests, in one you could see those middle aged, in the other the youngsters, the hipsters and in quite some only silver hair couples enjoying their golden or diamond anniversaries.

Walking closer to Bethesda and the Black Angel, I just couldn’t stop singing the opening theme from Angels in America. It was close to sunset, already dark in this part of the park, the Angel figure was really black, and there were few people around, couldn’t even ask somebody to help me to take a picture of me. This atmosphere, was absolutely full of the 80’s and early 90’s cold in the gay community of NYC. Cloudy sky.

Every night the clubs were packed to maximum, no chance to get in, you could only stand outside and watch while having a cigarette or two and then leave to try another place, less crowdy… is it possible at all?

I must admit, you feel like in the movie, the rhythm of the city, its colors and smells. You see Carrie Bradshaw here, Samantha Jones over there, Woody Allen and his wives everywhere. You just feel it. What a surprise on my way back home when I touched the screen in front of me and the Francis Ha came up!