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Art of making choices

“Too many irons in the fire” or “to keep too many magpie’s tails” as we say in Polish. This is my challenge how to keep these tails and irons and not to loose anything precious.

If you saw a circus artist juggling then you realize how tricky the art of doing parallel things can be. For an untrained equilibrist like me it would be hardly possible to do it  with full attention and with best results. Even so I keep doing it and asking myself: Would it be writing or maybe blogging? Should I focus on yoga, studying or working? Meeting with friends vs watching top new TV series? Read the pile of unpacked books next to my bed or just the untouched magazines from the coffee table? Is it the right moment to take on publishing new writers or should I just take my dog for a beach walk? How to get it all done? How to embrace it?

There’s even this book that I’ve been writing for the last couple of years and there’s also this dream about printing books and smelling their fresh print. On top of that I’ve recently heard this call for helping people to keep the world for our future generations. I even have an idea how to melt all these irons into one but… how to push myself over the edge and let it fly?  I don’t want it to take another twenty years to ripen…

I was 8 years old and running down the stairs at my house in Raciborz with my friend Ela from the tenth floor, while her grandmother was slowly walking up, as the elevator was broken again. She stopped us, watched into my face and said quietly – Life is so, so short. Enjoy it when you still can. You won’t even notice when its gone…”

After all these years I still remember her voice and that moment on the staircase I remind myself every year and the sentence I put in front of my eyes each time I make difficult choices. So it will be this time.

Art of making choises

All you need is yoga light?

It started two years ago. With a patience typical for a “convert” I reached the point where I can touch my knees with my forehead and bind my hands behind the feet. However complicated it sounds like, the truth is there – yoga life brings you light!

I will always remember the night after my first yoga class when I slept like a baby and snoring like hell – as I was told the next morning. But who cared if I felt no sores, no pain, literally I felt like an angel! So I caught the hook or rather the hook caught me…

When I look now on my “yoga carrier” I may honestly say that it is still a yoga light one. Why? Have I ever tried to bath before and right after the class? Do I do it every morning and evening? Have I read the whole “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar yet? Did I give up on the whole meat of the world? Do I even fasten those two hours before the class? Nope, nope, nope, almost, almost there… And then if you watch few videos of any yoga guru you know that it is a yoga light version of what you are practicing.

But hey, tell me, isn’t it helping your body to relax? Isn’t your lumbago or migraine gone for good, aren’t your mornings so fresh now and isn’t your mind looking at things deeper than before? I bet they are, if not, please be patient, trust me and trust your body. It will do its job. Step by step you will get closer to your knees, maybe you will do it with the top of your head, and maybe you will even turn your full body on the other side but do it steadily! Remember, it’s not a competition, therefore no one is better then the other. Everybody is working out in silence and with patience for his own good.

I keep my fingers crossed behind my feet for you! 🙂


PS.1 If you fell alone in a big/medium/small/micro city, don’t worry, you will soon talk to these funny guys net to your mat and what’s next is you will end up having drink or two oooops a tea or two at the neighbouring cafe! Voilà!

PS.2 If you live in Wroclaw, I recommend you Kuba’s classes. If you live in Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia there’s no better place than this!