Virtual or real?

Have you ever thought how far did you go with your virtual life?
A single post from on one of my friends wall have catch my eye today: “Check how much of your life you’ve already spent on the virtual one on Facebook” and then comes this link on

I filled the average minute amount per day as 45 then clicked start and 0 days, 0 minutes showed up…Apparently something went wrong but fur sure it made me stop for a while and think to what extend we became virtual?

I just came back from Italian vacations, where me and my friend spent some time in lovely weather/architecture/history/nature circumstances. Walking through Rome, Naples and Pompei ruins, beaching along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast and what one of the remarkable things you notice is these tourists hanging out with a new smartphone feature selfie sticks! It didn’t matter weather they walked on Colloseum ancient walls or queued to Vatican’s Museums for almost 3 hours (BTW you could enter straight ahead just paying 33 euro, just 20 euro more than normal price. What a brutal capitalism inside the Church Capital…) You just saw these long aluminium arms flying around you  everywhere. You better watch your step while selfying your visits to these ancient sites or just the streets of Rome – you can easily get overrun by a motor bike like by a bike in Amsterdam (watch twice right and left before you cross the street!)

Indeed one of the sticks advantages was that it holds firmly your precious world contact box and it is really risky when you hold new “S” or “I”in sweating hands and try to take a picture from the top of the Palatine Hill … Did you know that Disney amusement parks already forbid selfies stick in all their venues (you can read/google translate here from

How far will we go with the virtualisation of our lives? Look at the couples in the restaurants holding their phones instead of their palms or youngsters sitting on the park bench and texting each other instead of talking or kids playing Minecraft instead of football…

Look at me, I’ve spent each day at least 1.5 hour in the evening (WiFi was really slow) on posting, chatting, picture editing on face, insta and few others while my friend was already sleeping … for which I hereby sincerely apologize and promise it will never happen again!

I don’t wanna loose the strings with the real world, don’t let the virtual take over our senses and put us into a digital box of never ending back pain or lone sleepless nights when our beloved is gone for these obvious reasons to the Real World…

Here is what I learned from my smartphone calculator:

45 min per day per month times 12 times 7 years of my virtual activity equals AT LEAST 3 months of wasted real time, which will never come back. Unless the virtual will find it possible to give it back to you…

Which I doubt 😉

Have a look at this one:

or this one:



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